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My only relief is to sleep. When I’m sleeping, I’m not sad, I’m not angry, I’m not lonely, I’m nothing.
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Insane “Trick ‘r Treat” Sam Cosplay

The warm glow of jack o’ lanterns. The crisp Autumn air. The orange leaves covering sidewalks for miles. The list of things I love about Halloween, and the Fall season in general, could go on and on ad nauseam.

Not to mention that I love horror films, in case you hadn’t noticed.

That said, there is perhaps no other motion picture that captures the feeling of fall and celebrates Halloween as perfectly as Michael Dougherty’s horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat. It is, in my humble opinion, the essential Halloween film, rightfully standing alongside such classics as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

So check out this amazing Sam cosplay, as well as more of Rebecca’s work by clicking here.

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chocolate delight

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Hello everyone. These are pictures of a girl from my school named Cara Golias. She recently went missing on Sunday of September 28th and we all are very worried about where she might be. She lives in the northern Virginia area near Washington, D.C. in a county named Fairfax. So if you are from that area please take a moment to read this. She is 16 years old, has hazel eyes, brown hair, and is about 115 pounds. Please share this so we can help her achieve a swift and safe return. Even if you aren’t from this area, sharing this may help notify someone who does, everything counts.

Please read and reblog this so my friend can come home.

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